Where energy conservation is a top priority for all progressive enterprises, the measurement of flow rates and consumption is becoming more and more important. However, measurement is just one step forward, in order having a complete picture of the gas and compressed air consumption in a manufacturing plant, a permanent monitoring, an graphical/statistical analyzes and a convenient reporting is required. For this purpose we have developed a software which is for system monitoring and analysis.

CS Soft Basic

Data evaluation in 5 languages by means of CS Soft Basic. Everything at a glance: Table, graphic and statistics - at the touch of a button the user gets all necessary information.


  • Graphic evaluation

    All measurement curves are indicated in terms of colour. All necessary functions such as zoom, selection/deselection of single measurement curves, freely selectable time periods, scaling of the axis, selection of colours and so on are integrated:
    This view can be stored as a pdf file and sent by e-mail. Different data can be consolidated to a common file.

  • Table View

    All measuring points are listed with exact time interval. The desired measuring channels with measuring site name can be selected via the diagram explorer.

  • Statistics

    All necessary statistics data are visible at a glance. So the user can quickly see which minimum or maximum measured values occurred at which time and for how long.

CS Energy Analyser Software

DCompressed air systems require a regular maintenance and analyses. So called “air audits” are done by compressed air service professionals to get a picture of the entire system and to recommend improvements. The compressed air energy analyser software is simplifying this analyses process and brings an end to complicated excel sheets.

The data for analyses has to be recorded by a data logger such as Chart Recorder DS400 and DS 500. Usually parameters such as compressor current consumption, pressure, flow and dew point are recorded over days or weeks and then analyzed with CS Energy Analyser.


  • Compressor Analysis (Current/Power Measurement)

    The energy consumption of every single compressor is measured by means of a clamp-on ammeter. The produced compressed air quantity is calculated by the software on the basis of the performance data of the compressor which have to be calculated. The following parameters are calculated additionally. Energy consumption in kWh, load-, unload-, stop time, compressor load in %, number of load/ unload cycles.

  • System Analysis (Current Measurement and Real Flow Measurement)

    The system analysis has the same function like the compressor analysis, however, it additionally offers the possibility to measure the actually produced resp. used quantity of compressed air by means of the flow sensor VA 400/VA 500. With the additional „real flow measurement“ the leakages and therefore the cost share of the leakages in comparison to the total costs can be determined

  • Leakage Calculation

    The leakage calculation is done during the production free time (shutdown, weekend, holidays). The flow sensor VA 400 measures the supplied quantity of air. During the down time the compressor delivers compressed air in order to keep a constant pressure. According to statistics even if production is carried out day and night there is at least one short period of time during which all load is switched off. By means of this data the software defines a leakage rate and calculates the incurred leakage costs.