Air compressors used in many industrial processes and consume huge energy in the form of electricity. The less electricity that use to produce the compressed air, the more efficient the compressors run, which saves costs.

The VA flow and consumption meter is the ideal tool for the operator to survey whole compressed air system, balancing the facilities, measuring the air consumption on each individual production line, determining the efficiency of compressors and localise leakages, thus reduce the energy cost.

VA series featuring high-quality calorimetric sensors built into complete systems that adapt ideally to existing needs, the flow meters deliver perfect results with extremely easy handling. CS Instruments thermal mass flow meters adapt to the pipeline cross-section to provide highly accurate values even under pressure or fast flow rates. The delivered data are easy to record, analyses and forward via DS400 / DS500 chart recorder.

Why CS Instruments flow meters are ideal for compressed air and gases:

  • Measure mass flow directly, no temperature or pressure compensation is required.
  • High turndown ration, allowing the same flow meter to measure very low leak rates as well as full operational flows.
  • Operate with wide range of temperatures and pressures.