DS 400 Dew Point Set

The stationary dew-point meter DS400 offers the right solution for an elementary compressed air dew point monitoring. With the optional, internal data logger a long-term monitoring can be done. The measured data are indicated on the display and simultaneously automatically stored in the data logger. An alarm relay is triggered when the adjusted limit value is exceeded. The user will therefore directly receive a message if the process parameters are critical.

The touch screen graphic display enables an intuitive operation and shows the progress of the measured values. Available either with a classic analogue output 4…20 mA or optionally with digital interfaces like Ethernet and RS 485 (Modbus protocol). As a stand-alone solution the measured data stored in the optional data logger can be read-out via USB stick and evaluated by means of the software CS Soft Basic.

The DS400 additionally can be equipped with optional inputs, for example for a volume flow and/or pressure measurement.

Product Features
  • Stationary DS 400 dew-point meter with touch-display, indicating
    • Pressure dew-point [°C/°F]
    • Relative humidity [% rH]
    • Temperature [°C/°F]
  • System ready for plug-in: Measuring range:  -80...+20°Ctd/-20...+50°Ctd
  • 3.5" graphic display - easy operation with touch screen
  • 2x potential free alarm relay contacts, threshold adjustable
  • An alarm delay can be set for each alarm relay
  • 4...20 mA analogue output
  • Wall mounted housing

Technical Data

DS 400

Dimensions: 118 x 115 x 98 mm, IP 54 (wall housing) 
92 x 92 x 75 mm, IP 54 (panel mounting)
Inputs 2 digital inputs for FA/VA sensor 
Interface USB
Power supply 100...240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Accuracy: please see FA 410
Alarm outputs 2 relays, (pot.-free)
  • Alarm Unit: Buzzer and continuous red light
  • 100 million meas. values start/stop time, meas. rate freely adjustable
  • Integrated Ethernet and RS 485 interface
  • Integrated webserver 
  • 2 additional sensor inputs for analogue sensors (pressure sensors, temperature sensors etc.)  
  • Integrated alarm unit mounted at wall housing

FA 510

Meas. range -80...20°Ctd (Order no.: 0601 0512)
-20...50°Ctd (Order no.: 0601 0510)
Accuracy ± 1°C at +20...-20°Ctd
± 2°C at -20...-50°Ctd
± 3°C at -50...-80°Ctd
Pressure range -1...50 bar, special version up to 350 bar