FA 510 / 515 Dew Point Sensor -80 to +20°Ctd

The new generation of CS dew point sensors FA510 / 515 with 3-wires technology, it have 4…20mA and RS 485 (Modbus-RTU) output enables a reliable and long-term stable monitoring of the dew point in industrial application.

With a digital RS 485 interface, all values like e.g. dew point, temperature, absolute humidity... which are measured and calculated by the dew point sensor can be retrieved via the Modbus protocol.

Product Features
  • Measuring range -80...20°Ctd (-112…68°F)
  • Operating pressure range -1…50 bar
  • Analogue output 4...20 mA
  • Condensation insensitive
  • Precise, long-term stability
  • Quick response time
  • NEW: Modbus-RTU interface
  • NEW: Higher resolution of the sensor signal
  • NEW: Sensor diagnosis on site by means of hand-held instrument or CS Service Software

Technical Data
Measuring range -80...+20°Ctd 
-100...+20°Ctd (on request) 
-110…+20°Ctd (on request)
Accuracy:  ± 1°C at 20...-20°Ctd 
± 2°C at -20...-50°Ctd 
± 3°C at -50...-80°Ctd 
Pressure range -1...50 bar, special version up to 350 bar 
Power supply 24 VDC (16...30 VDC) 
Protection class  IP 65 
EMV According to DIN EN 61326 
Operating temperature -20...70 °C 
Connection M12, 5-pole 
PC connection  Modbus-RTU interface (RS485)
Analogue output 4...20 mA = -80...20°Ctd
FA510: 4…20mA (3-wire)
FA515: 4…20mA (2-wire)
Burden for analogue output:  < 50 Ω
Screw-in thread:  G 1/2“ 
Dimensions:  Ø 3  mm, length approx. 130 mm 
Output via service software choose units scaling  % RH, °Ctd, g/m3, mg/m3, ppm V/V change  4...20 mA