Dew Point Measurement

Dew Point / Humidity Measurement

Moisture in compressed air is a well-known problem and can lead to severe consequential damage. In particular in demanding applications, malfunctions in production plants can have serious consequences. Costly standstills and increased expenses for deficient products and quality assurance quickly add up.
Dew Point Measurement

Frequently check or continuous monitoring and control of dew point is often a requirement for instrument air, drying processes, packaging, and actuating process control valves. The risks associated with letting dew point levels go unchecked can include equipment failure, condensation in process lines and on finished product, and the potential for bacterial formation. All these can lead to unexpected production downtime.

  • Determination of the air dryer actual performance and efficiency
  • Ensure air dew point meet production requirement
  • Ensure constant compressed air quality supply to demand side

Scope of services
  • On site air dew point measurement at supply side and demand side to determine the air dew point / humidity level
  • Additional measurement of the air temperature (oC), humidity (RH %), water vapor (ppm or g/m3) and air pressure are available
  • Documentation and analysis of the results

  • Ensure compressed air quality is optimally .
  • Service life of pneumatic components is increased.
  • Unexpected production downtime or machine failures are minimised .
  • To avoid corrosion of air or gas operated instruments, piping networks.
  • To avoid pressure losses due to leakages and flow resistances where caused by piping networks corrosion.