Power Measurement

Do you know your compressed air unit costs?
Do you know how much is the operation cost of your compressed air system?

Compressed air is an invaluable power source for all sectors of industry, however it is expensive to operate and usually accounts for more than 10% of the total energy consumption for the plant. Therefore it makes a great deal of business sense to understand your system and more specifically how to plug in to more efficient methods of production and the elimination of wasted energy due to inefficient operation.

We use power meters integrated data logger to record the actual amount of energy being used on air compressor. The power meter can be install under operation or installed during compressor shut down. We use high quality with excellent accuracy and repeatability as well as fast response times.

All parameters transferred via Modbus to data logger that collects data for review by our technicians and engineers. In large, centralized compressed air systems, several power meters may be necessary for a complete energy measurement.

Scope of Services
  • Specific single or multiple compressor energy consumption
  • Specify energy cost
  • Specify operating times as well as load and unload profile
  • Documentation of the measurement results

The Benefits
  • Benchmark your air compressors energy consumption, cost and optimize their use

Measuring Parameters
  • Voltage (Volt)
  • Current (Ampere)
  • Active power (kW)
  • Active energy (kWh)
  • Apparent power (kVA)
  • Supply frequency (Hz)
  • Cos phi